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Professional Dissection of Body Language: Soldier is a Hero

Watch as Dr. Amir Helmer, an expert in the study of body language explains why the soldier from Chevron deserves appreciation and not condemnation.
Eli Cohen, י"ח אדר ב תשע"ו 28/03/2016 22:27

ירושלים. צילום: יונתן זינדל זינדל

Should the soldier who shot the terrorist be praised or should he be condemned?

Before the soldier approaches pay attention to the people on the scene. First you see the wounded soldier. Someone notices that the terrorist is alive
“No one approaches until the bomb squad comes!”
Notice the fear and the call for help.
Now we see the actual shooting.
We see the solider coming from this direction. Can you see the terrorist moving his head?
The soldier comes and sees the head movement.
He calls the attention of the person next to him.
It’s obvious that there is danger, it’s possible that there is an explosive belt and he may be able to detonate it.
No one is protesting- they know that there is danger
He meant to save lives.
The soldier saw movement, recognized danger and shot the terrorist.
If there would have in fact been explosives we would call him a hero. But how could he have known without coming closer and putting himself in danger? He may have been a dead hero- but he was a live hero instead.
He is a hero and deserves appreciation.

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