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Elya's Parents Demand: Car Seats Should have Safety Alerts

The parents of 18 month old Elya Weingot who died when he was forgotten in his car participated last week in meeting called by Mk Uri Maklev to address technological solutions to the problem of forgotten children.
Moshe Weissberg, כ"ט אייר תשע"ו 06/06/2016 22:37

הדס פרוש- פלאש 90 הדס פרוש- פלאש 90

In response to the tragic death of 18 months old Elya Weingot, MK Uri Maklev called an emergency meeting to discuss technological solutions to the recurring problem of children forgotten in cars.

Elya's father Yitzchak Weingot said: "I am a simple man. Everything today has a built in reminder, your oven has a timer, your seatbelt has an alarm. This child was the love of my life. I never thought this would happen. I have left the lights in my car on- and there is a reminder for that. So I ask myself why doesn’t my child's car seat have a safety feature with an alarm to alert parents?

I am asking that such a safety feature become mandatory. That's why I am here today. People are very forgetful today. All I want is that no one else should ever have to experience the anguish I feel.

MK Uri Maklev said," We are with you. We don't know how to comfort you but we are supporting you. You have united Am Yisrael. How many cars is one small child worth? We will do this! Everyone has to set their anchors- but the system also has to take responsibility."

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