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White House Lashes At Media For Falsely Covering Inauguration

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, gives his first press briefing, bashing the media for falsely covering inauguration
Eli B., כ"ו טבת תשע"ז 24/01/2017 01:15

White House press secretary Sean Spicer White House press secretary Sean Spicer

The current transition of power taking place in Washington these past few weeks, is coinciding another great development in formality and relationship between elected official and citizen.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, gave his first press briefing on Sunday, accusing the media of falsely covering the presidential inauguration.

Aside from skewing the facts to downplay the amount of people who took part in the presidents’ swearing in ceremony, Spicer also pointed out that a reporter went so far as to tweet that the bust of Martin Luther king Jr. has been removed from the oval office- a blatant lie.

Although Spicer leveled his heavily charged accusations on the media, the media has the liberty to decide what it reports and what it does not.
Regardless of what happens or what an elected official may say, it is the media that decides what the public will hear and be privy to.

It seems that we are living in a time when the media has lost its last vestige of truth and ethics.

At this point in history it is all about an agenda and politics, not the truth and reality.

This was clearly demonstrated with the medias’ false assertions of the recent presidential election outcome. It’s not a matter of being detached from the public, rather it’s intentionally misinforming for the sake of an agenda.
There are plenty of other examples including the recent ‘Brexit’ that was falsely portrayed by the media as something that would not pass.

A wall has been erected between the elected official and the people. Better said, it is a gate with the media controlling what goes through and what does not.
Since the media is in charge of almost all the information that people are fed today in regard to what is happening, it is imperative to circumvent this body in order to obtain the true nature of current events.

It seems that the new administration has caught onto this disturbing scheme and is attempting to bypass this unfortunate information block, manned by a majority of liberal leaning media outlets, by using social media to get its message out.

Without taking a position on the new administration, since it's irrelevant to the point being made, it’s worth noting that journalism has lost its hard-earned respect and should therefore not be taken any more serious than a well-educated rumor. (Unless there is no reason to assume prejudice).

We live in a world that allows alternative sources of information to trickle down to the masses, and although any source of media can be false; the closer and more direct we get to the source, the more reliable the information.

By Eli B.

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