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Rudi Giuliani Supports PM Netanyahu Over “So-Called Allegation”

Former Mayor of New York Rudi Giuliani gave an interview to Israel TV, channel 1, supporting PM Netanyahu on the allegations he is facing over receiving gifts
Eli B, ד' שבט תשע"ז 31/01/2017 00:22

קובי גדעון, לע"מ קובי גדעון, לע"מ

World renown, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, spoke out against the many allegations PM Benyamin Netanyahu is facing.

Speaking to Israeli TV channel 1, Giuliani firmly stated “I’ve known PM Netanyahu for 25 years, and he is an honest and honorable man”.

PM Netanyahu is being investigated on a few different charges of receiving gifts from close friends and acquaintances. The investigations seem to have no end in sight, since, when one is closed another is quick to follow. The charges are mostly comprised of the PM having received gifts, such as, cigars and champagne bottles.

Giuliani is now in Israel for business related reasons, and to put together a cyber defense committee, at the request of President Trump.

Referring to the investigation, Giuliani said “I find this so-called investigation outrageous, I think it embarrasses Israel”. Giuliani went so far as to charge the weekly allegations as “politically inspired”.

“When the things you have to deal with in the world, like a nuclear Iran, Islamic terrorism, poverty, economic development, cyber security, cyber-crime- and we are spending our time on cigars and champagnes, it seems to me something is out of whack”.

By Eli B.

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