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A high price for discrimination against women: 13,000 fine to 'Superbus'

A girl who was asked by Hareidi men in Beit shemesh to move to the back part of the bus, sued the bus driver who didn't protect her. The judge charged 'Superbus' to compensate for 13,000 shekel
Eli Cohen, Behadrei Hareidim, כ"ו תמוז תשע"ב 16/07/2012 23:54

בחדרי חרדים בחדרי חרדים

Ariela Marsaden, a 9th grade pupil in Beit Shemesh, went on the "Superbus" bus in Beit shemesh when she returned from school with two of her friends. At a certain stage, two Hareidi men came up to Ariela and demanded that she move and sit at the back part of the bus.

According to the Supreme Court's ruling from January 2011, which ruled that separation in buses is illegal, the bus driver is obliged to stand up for the discriminated woman's rights, but the Superbus driver did not do so, and Ariela was forced to move to another place.

Ariela sued the company, and won. Judge David Gidoni charged the Superbus company with compensating Ariela for 13,000 shekel.

Orly Erez-Lahovsky, Ariela's attorney said: "This ruling shows once again that discrimination against women is not only illegal, but also doesn't pay off financially".

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