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Court Ruling: 40 years for 'Butcher from Brooklyn'

The New York court approved the bargain plea between the prosecution and Levi Aaron, murderer of the child Leibi Kletzky z"l. Will spend 40 years in jail and be released on condition at the end. Family did not arrive at the hearing
Yaki Admaker, Behadrey Haredim, י"א אלול תשע"ב 29/08/2012 12:38

ארון לוי

Levi Aaron, murderer of the 9 year old child Leibi Kletzky, received his final sentence on Wednesday evening, of 40 years of jail.

During the court hearing Aaron was asked whether he is interested to relate to the sentence and he answered, whispering, "No".

After he serves his sentence he will be released on condition that if he performs another crime he will be put back into jail.

Leibi's family did not take part in the hearing in which the sentence was given, but a message from it was read out. Among others, the family said: "Hakadosh Baruch Hu did not leave our son or family for even one second".

Aaron's sentence was consolidated in the framework of a bargain plea in which he admitted the claims against him, and thereby he spared a judicial discussion.
The court's ruling is final, and will most probably not change.

About three weeks ago, Aaron admitted the claims against him, when a representative of the court said that "He hopes the family and community will be able to start recuperating from the tragedy. Indeed, no one can forget Leibi's shocking murder, but we can be consoled that the murderer will not be able to harm any person any longer".

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