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"Hello center? I threw 2000 dollars to the garbage!". Exclusive

A resident of Beitar Illit was convinced she threw a packet with $2,000 to the garbage. The patrollers of the municipal center located the packet, but the money was not there. "I hope to find it in another place"
Yoel Koritz, Behadrei Hareidim, כ"ה אב תשע"ב 13/08/2012 16:37

כסף שטרות שטר

At the 106 call center in Beitar Illit, an unusual call was received on Monday evening from a resident of the city. According to her, she lost a sum of money worth $2,000. The resident claimed that the money was thrown in a packet to the neighborhood garbage bin. Finally, the packet was found, but the money – was gone.
B. Rabinowitz, a resident of the city, phoned the center which also serves as the security patrol of the city, and reported that a few minutes earlier she threw a packet to the garbage, on Kedushas Levi street, in which there was probably a large sum of money for the value of $2,000.

The patrollers, Yamin Israel and Shimon Chazan, arrived in the area in order to help her find her loss.

"The patrollers were sent there as quickly as possible", informs Guy Akariv, manager of the security center in Beitar during a talk with Behadrei Hareidim, "they went down with the ladder, since this is a container which is buried deep in the ground, and after searches which lasted a few minutes, they found the packet and the woman was overjoyed".

But in a talk with Rabinowitz, it seems that the packet was indeed found – but the money disappeared. "I thought it's in the garbage", she says. "They found the packet, but it wasn't there. Now it gave me an opening that I have to find it somewhere else".
In conclusion she says: "I hope I find the money, but I thank the security men for their assistance".

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