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Vegetable at price of gold: cucumber leaps to 18 shekels

The cucumber breaks a new record in decades: 9 NIS per kilo for retailer and up to 18 NIS for consumers. Plant council: the reason – cold nights which stopped the growing. Clients not in a rush to buy
Shmuel Klein, Behadrey Haredim , כ"ד תשרי תשע"ג 10/10/2012 13:58


Quite a few Israeli citizens cannot afford to buy the fundamental vegetable these days – the cucumber, whose updated price breaks a new record in decades: 9 shekels per kilo for retailer and between 12 and 18 NIS for consumers.

At the vegetable department in the plant council they explained the rise in prices by the cold nights during the last two weeks and which stopped the crops from growing.
As a result of the rise in prices of farmers, the price for consumers may move in the next week or two between 12 to 18 NIS per kg.

In the vegetable markets around the county, sellers point to a considerable drop in the selling of cucumbers today.

It should be mentioned that this rise in costs joins the rise in prices which has been marked these days in all food products.

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