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Montreal: The inspectors requested Sukkah's to be broken down

Municipal inspectors demanded ultra-Orthodox residents of Montreal to dismantle their Sukkah during Simchas Torah, and if not - shall be fined with $400 Canadian • activists intervened and obtained an extension.
Yoel Bitleman B'Chadrei Charedim , כ"ו תשרי תשע"ג 12/10/2012 09:54

סוכות בירושלים קובי הר צבי

Ultra-Orthodox residents of the city of Montreal, Canada struggled to celebrate the festival of Simchas Torah properly: municipal inspectors knocked on the doors of many Jewish homes during Simchas Torah, and ordered them to immediately dismantle the 'shed', making clear that dissolution will result in a fine of $400 Canadian.

According to the law in the city - a temporary structure may be erected for a period not exceeding ten days.

Community activists protested, claiming inspectors that they may not break the sukkah during the holiday, and requested a two-day extension. Indeed, the request was granted and the extension ended this evening (Thursday).

However, city officials have been acting at the municipal to change the law - to avoid a recurrence of the incident in the coming years; they said there is no such limitation in other cities in Canada.

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