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Orthodox recruitment program: 15 thousand Yeshiva Bochurim will be called for check-ups

Under the directives of the Minister of Defense, 15 thousand Yeshiva Bochurim at the age of recruit will be invited for tests in the coming year
Sari Roth, Behadrey Haredim, ל' תשרי תשע"ג 16/10/2012 12:57

לשכת גיוס (1) Haredi recruitment office. Photo Archive

Recruit orders will be sent for interviews in the coming days to 15 thousand young Haredim aged 17 to 19, according to Ha'aretz this morning.

However, Ha'aretz clarifies that the recruitment process is not immediate, but may take up to a year, and is due to the disqualification of the Tal Law, through the IDF's preparations for the establishment of additional battalions similar to the Nahal Haredi which will absorb Hareidi soldiers.

The military plan regarding Haredim was presented last night (Sunday) in a summary discussion of senior IDF and Defense Ministry members headed by Minister Ehud Barak, a kind of 'bridging program' which would match the reality and legal situation which was created, and which will be presented by Barak today (Monday) in the Security Committee of the Knesset.

Two cycles of Haredim are at the focus of the recruitment program - ages 17 which are approaching the age of recruitment, and age 18 who were supposed to enter the first year of postponement - together representing about 15 thousand young Hareidim who will be summoned for testing, and some have already received summonses. The army has also announced that the team examining the youngsters will include men only.

For older Haredim, aged 19 and older, Barak instructed the Defense Ministry not to deal with their recruitment, when in the future the goal would be to recruit some of the 19-23 year olds who would want different benefits, while others will gradually receive an exemption so that they can enter the labor market.

Ha'aretz quoted a senior security official: "With the cancellation of the Tal Law, one has to move to a new reality. The measures which were begun are beginning to move the system in the right direction, whose principle is greater equality among citizens. What was would never be again. However, this is not a predatory program. Hareidi youngsters will not be recruited immediately. "

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