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Papa Rebbe's vacation home burned. Documentation

The Papa Rebbe, who lives in Williamsburg, is currently staying at nearby resorts next to the Chassidus Yeshiva • "The damage is great, but with the grace of Heaven there are no casualties
Moshe Weisberg and Yoel Bittelman, Behadrey Haredim, ז' חשון תשע"ג 23/10/2012 13:49


A fire broke out this morning (Monday) at the resorts of the Rebbe Papa, in Kiryat Papa, U.S..

The Rebbe - who lives in Williamsburg - comes at least once a week to the place, to spend time with the students of the Hassidic yeshiva located in close proximity to the resort on Ellington Road.

This morning the Rebbe came to pray Shacharis with the yeshiva students - on the occasion of the beginning of the winter Zman, but a few bochurim, who arose earlier as on every day to learn before davening, saw the Rebbe's home in flames.

All attempts to call the firefighters were unsuccessful, and until their arrival - the entire house burned down; nevertheless scores of teams worked for a long while to take control over of the fire and extinguish it.

According to police, an investigation of the circumstances of the fire indicates that the fire started by a short cut in the electric boiler situated behind the building.

One of the Papa Chassidim who lives in Williamsburg told Behadrey Haredim: "According to the reports I get the damage is great, but by the grace of Heaven there no casualties. The Yeshiva Sdorim have not changed and the Rebbe prayed with the boys Shachris as usual."

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