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The happiest day in his life – "the abduction of Gilad Shalit"

Widow of Ahmed Jabari gave an interview to the Hamas, and has provided a glimpse of the figure of the arch - terrorist • fulfilled three wishes before he died on the martyr of Allah
Yaki Adamker, B'Chadrei Charedim, ה' כסלו תשע"ג 19/11/2012 13:02

אחמד גבערי, גלעד שליט

"The happiest day in the life of the commander of the Hamas military wing, Ahmed Jabari, was the day Gilad Shalit was abducted six years ago," says Jabari's widow, Amam Mohammed, in an interview to A - Risala, belonging to Hamas.

"On that day I found him happier than on our wedding day," she said.

Amam Mohammed is one of two wives of Jabari who gave birth to 11 children. "He managed to fulfill three wishes before he died as a martyr of Allah," she said. "He left a strong army, he taught the occupation a lesson, released prisoners and practiced the pilgrimage."

She said - and one does not have to believe that everything is based on facts- that during the last week she had asked him not to go out. "He laughed and told me, 'If I die a martyr's death, it will be a great favor at this time." She said he had no fear: "He was not afraid of Israel's weapons and planes. When he'd hear an F16airplane, he would act normally, as if it does not exist."

"He was like any other man, family man, modest - a man who was the commander but did not act differently. People loved him. When he returned from the pilgrimage, he went to the market, brought gifts for all associates and never forgot anyone.

"The people received him on his return as if he had married again," said Amam Mohammed. "But it turns out that it was a farewell party - not a reception. He wanted me to come up with him to the pilgrimage, but the security situation did not allow it. He promised me we would do it together next year, if Allah wishes."

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