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Friedman case • grandmothers united: children are traumatized

The story which is stirring the ultra-Orthodox community in Antwerp is taking another step • Friedman petitioned the court: Obligate the 'Yavne" school to accept my two older daughters
Yaki Adamker, B'Chadrei Charedimה' שבט תשע"ג 16/01/2013 13:45

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Reality, it seems, is beyond imagination - and the drama in the haredi community in Antwerp, Belgium continues.

If the petition filed by Moshe Aryeh Friedman against the school, Bnos Yerushalayim, of Belze was not enough, following which the girls school was required to allow the two sons of Friedman to study together with students of the school, coming next: This coming Thursday the Antwerp Court is expected to decide on the petition Friedman filed demanding that the three older daughters will be accepted at the Yavne school, in the city.

The debate over their acceptance of the girls to the school in this case revolves mainly around their adaptation to the high school institution educational level. The school claims that according to the record of education of the girls, they are not suitable.

But Friedman himself insists that his daughters will learn in school, and submitted a petition to the court, as he claims, according to the Education Law in Belgium, the school administration must accept his daughters for 25 days, then convene and decide: Despite not having the level of required education –can they study at the institution or not.

"The debate which will be brought on Thursday to court," explains a community source, "is just on the question of 25 days. It is a bit ridiculous."

In addition, the following Monday will be the first hearing in the appeal filed by the school administration 'Bnos Yerushalayim' - where Friedman's two sons are currently learning, against the court's decision which was received earlier this month that the school must enroll the boys in school, despite being designed for girls only, by virtue of the law.

The grandmothers united for the sake of their grandchildren
Meanwhile, an internal struggle is growing within the Friedman family.

B'Chadrei Charedim learned that even Ivolah Rosenzweig – the mother of the wife of Friedman - asked to join the request filed a few days ago by Attorney Mr. Henry Rosenberg, on behalf of Malka, mother of Moshe Aryeh Friedman, to the legal authorities, in which he requests on behalf of his client – the grandmother - to remove the children from the custody of Friedman, and to examine the desire to attend a school for girls.

Mr. Rosenberg said in a conversation with B'Chadrei Charedim, that he presented before the State Attorney's Office several arguments, including the fact that the children are forced to migrate from apartment to apartment, after the second time it turned out that their father took a lease fraud and refuses to pay the rent.

"They threw him out of the building on Street 9 where he lived, and now he moved to number 19. This is part of the trauma that the children are going through."

He said the decision will be given within two weeks from today.

Rosenberg explains that he represents the grandmothers at no cost. "I see it as an application of the commandment 'burn the evil from your midst."

The response of Moshe Aryeh Friedman was not received, and will be published when received.

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