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Photography: Kobie Har Tzvi

Yishai fights back: "You have to ask for forgiveness" • Watch

Chairman of 'Ha'am Itanu' Eli Yishai: "Recording? This is not my way - I opened the party so that there won't be Oslo C "• Watch

אושוויץ. צילום: ישראל בורדוגו

Well mentioned: Vatican donated 100 thousand Euros to Auschwitz

"Amount so modest due to the modest possibilities of the Vatican. However, it is an expression of full support of the project of the Museum Association"

שריפה, בית ישראל, דירה, בלוני גז

Toronto: kosher food shops were burnt

Haredi community in Toronto have a serious problem: the commercial center where kosher food shops are concentrated - caught fire • Difficulties in kosher food supply • the community declared an emergency campaign for business rehabilitation

הכור הדולף, מזהם את העולם

Report: "Israeli approval for explosion in Iran"

London Times newspaper reports: Israeli intelligence officials confirm explosion which took place in the nuclear facility in Iran "• Iran did not evacuate the area • Iran denies

דרעי חוזר לשס

Peace again • Deri and Yishai met and agreed: cease-fire

Concern of outbreak of internal tensions, and pressure exerted from Hgr"o Yosef led Aryeh Deri and Eli Yishai to a meeting where it was agreed: calming the winds and joint promotion of the coalition negotiations

אילוסטרציה. צילום: קובי הר צבי

Disaster in Brazil: hundreds were burned in the fire

At least 200 people were killed and hundreds were injured in a fire at the club in Santa Maria in southern Brazil • the fire broke out during the pyrotechnics of a band played

חרדים מצביעים בחירות

Beit Shemesh: fanatic overturned the ballot - and arrested; demonstrations dispersed

A haredi youngster of the extremists from Beit Shemesh rioted at the polls in the city - and arrested • 'Neturei Karta' demonstrations in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, were dispersed by the police

מאה שערים יום בחירות

Posters in Meah Shearim "do not participate"

Meah Shearim residents placed on porches signs stating: "We are Jews - not Zionists, we will not participate in the impure elections" • posters were scattered in the streets • and how did the 'ungrateful headquarters' react?


Rishon Lezion case: "The Rabbi did not know that his testimony might implicate"

The trial of Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi Doron began with a sweet argument brought by his attorney, Yaakov Weinroth: "He was informed that the investigation ended with the decision not to indict him"

עצרת קבלת פנים סאטמר כיכר השבת

Thousands at reception • Satmer Rebbe takes over Kikar Hashabbat

Tens of thousands gathered in Shabbat Square in Jerusalem - to welcome the Mahar"y Satmer Rebbe on his first visit to Israel • The reception was incorporated with a rally against voting

שריפה בניו יורק בורו פארק

Huge fire in center of Boro Park • One person killed

Huge fire broke out in an apartment building in the center of Boro Park • One person was killed and two other fire firefighters were injured due to smoke inhalation • Only after a long time they managed to overcome the fire

צילום אילוסטרציה: חדשות 24

Five yeshiva students were injured in an accident in Galilee • one was seriously injured

A serious road accident on the roads of Galilee: a vehicle carrying five yeshiva students, who went to stay during Shabbos with their Rabbi from Yavniel, overturned • One was severely injured and evacuated by helicopter to the hospital

לחם צר ומים לחץ. ישיבת מיר

Gayedamak demands a million dollars from Rabbi Lazar • "lost agreement"

Arkady Gayedamak demands a million dollars from Russia's Chief Rabbi • claims he had deposited his partnership agreement with Leib Leviev, but the Rabbi denies that • "Because of him I had to sue Leviev"

גנב הולך לכלא. הירשזון

Came out strengthened • Hirchson was released from jail and "thanks G-d"

Former finance minister released from jail this morning: "I am now going to thank Hashem" during his stay in prison • Hirchson came closer to religion and was a student of Hgry"d Grossman

חיים שוורץ

Chief Rabbi Against tycoon cuts

Hgr"sh Amar in an aggressive monetary ruling: money managers and fund shareholders are personally liable for losses • cross holding is prohibited by law because it is contrary to human nature

צילום פלאש 90

Jack Teitel was convicted of two murders of Palestinians

Yaakov (Jack) Teitel - 'The Jewish terrorist "- was convicted of two counts of murder of Palestinians, three attempted murders and a series of ideologically motivated explosive offenses • judges: he was sane

האדמו"ר מסאטמר

How is a chassidus led from a resort town in California?

The Satmar Rebbe is staying in a resort town in California • Where did he fix his place of prayer, why is the fax situated at the hostel constantly emitting fax pages, and how do his disciples listen to his words during seuda shlishit?

צילומים: לע"מ

Latest alignment: Obama bluntly interferes

outside influence: U.S. President Obama was quoted as saying that "Netanyahu is leading Israel closer and closer to total isolation" • the Prime Minister surroundings responded: "This action is by the Israeli left wing"

פרידמן ומשפחתו. צילום: jood actueel

Friedman case • grandmothers united: children are traumatized

The story which is stirring the ultra-Orthodox community in Antwerp is taking another step • Friedman petitioned the court: Obligate the 'Yavne" school to accept my two older daughters

היכל ישיבת חברון. צילום ארכיון: בחדרי חרדים

Supreme Court to the State: Explain the continued funding to yeshivas and kollels

The High Court ordered the state to petition to Chado"sh - Why are the Torah institutions funded despite their students without exemption or delay from the army • The petition was filed together with a petition to recruit the students