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Another Kallah Robbed in advance of Wedding

One week ago the Yerushalyaim home of a Kallah was robbed, yesterday thieves stole Jewelry and gifts from the home of a Bnei Brak Kallah getting married Wednesday.
Moshe Weissberg, י"ד סיון תשע"ו 20/06/2016 18:22

כלה (3)

Just days before the wedding thieves entered the Kallah's home and stole her jewelry and silver. Bechadrey Chredim has learned that this is the family is a well-known family belonging to one of the prominent chassidc courts in the city.

At around 11:00 a.m. Sunday a thief entered the central Bnei Brak home whle the Kallah was upstairs talking on the phone. The tehives made off with all the jewelry in the home including that belonging to the kallah, as well as her engagement gifts. The family incurred tens of thousands of shekels worth of losses.

The police have managed to lift fingerprints from the crime scene.

Friends of the family would like to help the family. In a post on their behalf they wrote, "She hasn't yet begun to build her home and someone has already sought to destroy it. These are the feelings of a Kallah who is getting married on Wednesday and her parent's home has been emptied of all the silver, checks, jewelry and wedding gifts. She is the eight of 14 children and they are now standing before a ransacked home that has been emptied of her nedunyah. They do not know how she will make it to her wedding.

Please take a part in building this home and in gladdening the heart of this kallah."

Bechadrey Charedim is getting involved an is advertising the number for donations.

Bank Leumi ( bank 10) branch 731, account number 11598/91
For details call Mendy at 054-844-8439.

Just a few days ago Bechadrey Charedim publicized the story of a kallah in Ramat Shlomo who is getting married next week and whose house was also emptied by thieves.

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