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German citizens store food in fear of terror attacks

Fear of terrorism on the streets of Germany led the Ministry of Internal Affairs to demand an official call to stock up on food and drinks for ten days in case of a terror attack
Yoel Bitelman, י"ח אב תשע"ו 22/08/2016 15:14

ך ך

Terror alert in Germany attained a new level - German Interior Ministry requires residents to stock up water and food for ten days, for the event that the will be forced to stay home because of a terrorist attack.

On Wednesday German cabinet and the minister of Internal affairs will meet to discuss this matter. German daily newspaper (FAS) reported that prior to the discussion between the German cabinet, Interior Ministry prepared a memorandum which covers 69 pages explaining the reasons by which the civil administration needs to prepare for the possibility of a terrorist attack, and enforce residents to stay indoors in case of attack.

The memorandum was mentioned among other things the need to toughen security at public buildings and improve security. Interior Ministry spokesman added that "measures must be taken Although currently we do not expect a real terrorist war, but residents should be prepared for a possible terrorist action that can lead to a war".

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