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Satmar against women education

Satmar Rabbis sent out a sharp letter against academic degrees for women as the concept of higher education in Charedi women gains influence
Yoel Bitelman, כ"א אב תשע"ו 25/08/2016 12:58

שוקי לרר שוקי לרר

Satmar decided to fight against getting higher education in order to receive a degree. A phenomenon that has become common among Chassidish girls and women.

In a letter published by the Satmar Beis Din stated among other things - "Since many married women and girls began going to schools of higher education to get a college degree in special education or other sciences, learning in school or over the Internet, we want to state that this is unacceptable to us. this is contrary to the opinion of the Beis Din"

Satmar Schools Hanhala decided to fight this phenomenon with all the force - "we forbid Studies for a degree that as the Beis Din says are very dangerous and harmful. Therefore every girl that will violate this rule, will have to leave Satmar school. Similarly, it was decided not to employ teachers Holding college degree. we are committed to the ways of the Rebbe and will maintain the purity of the Satmar Chinuch"

It should be noted that recently more Chassidish women go to college to graduate studies. One of them, a girl and a woman who belongs to the Satmar Chassidus and studied law, will compete in a few months for the position a district court judge. The phenomenon is gaining force and Chassidish rabbis decided to try to stop it.

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