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Sfardi girls are not welcome to schools in Rechasim

The school year has only begun and yet there is already discrimination happening ● Girls home with no school, others traveling every day from Rechasim to Migdal HaEmek because schools refuse to accept them ● Resident of Rechasim: “after such a story, how can we educate our children to love one’s fellow Jew?”
Avromi Perlstein, ב' אלול תשע"ו 05/09/2016 21:03

פלאש 90 פלאש 90

The new school year started off on the left foot- schools in Rechasim refuse to accept Sfardi girls into the first grade, claiming they are not on the same religious level, as reported this morning (Monday) on Keren Neubach’s program on Kol Israel’s Reshet Bet.

As like every year, we witness tens of girls not accepted into schools, in spite of many coming from frum, Torah filled homes, that keep the Torah and Mitzvos in the strictest manner. Gedolim caution against it and the Askanim make efforts to prevent it, but still every year it repeats itself, whether through racist motives or because of other discriminations.

According to the report, the applicants' parents were told that the mothers “do not dress modestly” and that “the father declares that he is Modern Haredi”. The school Ohel Sara’s administration added that the parents had non- Kosher devices in their homes at the time of registration.

Additionally, other than the 8 girls at least who are now sitting at home, some Sfardi girls from Rechasim were sent to school in Migdal HaEmek, despite the distance between the settlements, because they too were not accepted. The Rechasim local council justified the decision, claiming it to be a matter of “Dinei Nefashos”, religious life or death, and added that the Rabbis of the settlement judged the matter with due consideration.

One of the residents of Rechasim told B’Chadrei that this again seems to be a matter of prestige between the schools, which projects on the status of these poor young girls’ sitting at home with no school, waiting to see what will happen. “It is sad to see these incidents happening again and again. How can a young Haredi girl begin the school year this way, a school year in which she will be taught about Avodat HaShem and loving one’s fellow Jew?”

The Ministry of Education refused to respond to the issue. And from Rechasim a message was sent that “The settlement has 3 girls’ schools, and each child is placed accordingly. Every year there are girls who are sent to schools outside Rechasim and the council funds their transportation.” The council also said that “The Ministry of Education is involved with the placing, and every parent has the right to turn to the ministry with an appeal.”

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