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Ness in France: A car bomb near a Shul

A car bomb placed near 'Bar Yohai' Shul in Marseille - has been eliminated at the last minute with no casualties
Yankel Rose, ח' אלול תשע"ו 11/09/2016 01:07

רויטרס רויטרס

A suspicious car carrying two gas canisters has been found outside a Shul in Marseille, France. The suspicious car was spotted in southern France on Shabbos morning near the Jewish Community Center of 'Bar Yohai'.

Two gas cylinders were found in the car causing the area has been put under heavy security. The police Administrator of Bouches-du-Rhône, Laurent Nunez, has confirmed to 'la Province' that no detonators were discovered in the vehicle. Alongside vehicle gas tanks were also flyers in Arabic.

B'hadrei Haredim learned that at that the Shul was filled with people at the time. It is suspected that the car was intended to blow up during the Shabbos davening in order to injure many people.

Earlier this week a similar incident occurred near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. A car with a gas cylinder. Three women were arrested and admitted to having answered an ISIS call to Muslims in France, to prepare car bombs and put them in centers across the country.

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