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PM: “The truth will prevail”; Barkat “UNESCO lost touch with reality”

The UNs cultural organization, UNESCO, made a bizarre decision yesterday, that there is no connection whatsoever between the Jewish nation and the Har HaBayit or the Kotel. This decision leads to an understandable wave of outraged reactions from Israel’s leaders ● The full story
Yakov Grodka, י"ב תשרי תשע"ז 14/10/2016 10:17

שלומי כהן, פלאש 90 שלומי כהן, פלאש 90

The PM, Binyamin Netanyahu said in response to this decision: “The absurd theater of UNESCO has continued and today the organization has made another fantasized decision that the Jewish Nation has no connection to the Temple Mount or the Western Wall.

It is one thing not to read the Tanach, but I suggest that the members of UNESCO visit the Arch of Titus in Rome, where one can see what the Romans brought back with them to Rome after destroying and plundering the Beit HaMikdash on the Temple Mount 2 thousand years ago. One can see engraved on the Arch of Titus the seven-pronged Menorah which is the symbol of the Jewish Nation, and I want to tell you, also the symbol of the Jewish state in our days. Soon UNESCO will say that Emperor Titus was busy spreading Zionistic propaganda.
“To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall is like saying that China has no connection the Great Wall of China, or that Egypt has no connection to the pyramids. In the absurd decision, UNESCO has lost the small amount of legitimacy it had left. However, I believe the historical truth is stronger and the truth will prevail. And we are dealing today will truth.”

Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, said in response: “UNESCOs decision that there is no connection between Judaism to the Western Wall is as baseless as trying to disconnect Christianity from the Vatican or Islam from Mecca. UNESCO claim that there is no connection between Judaism and the Western Wall. I argue that there is no relationship between UNESCO and reality.”

As mentioned, earlier today it was publicized that the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, made a bizarre decision in which the organization does not acknowledge from here on the historical connection between the Jewish Nation to the Temple Mount and casts doubt as to the Jewish connection to the Western Wall. 24 countries supported the decision, six opposed, and 26 abstained. Despite the bizarre decision, the Israeli diplomacy marked a substantial achievement, as the European countries did not support the decision, as most of them abstained.

The only countries that opposed the decision this morning were the US, Germany, Britain, Holland, Lithuania, and Estonia. As mentioned, other important countries, such as France, Slovenia, Sweden, Argentina, Togo and India, abstained from voting.

Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, also reacted to UNESCOs decision and said: “The UN is breaking its record in its ignorance, antisemitism and lack of relevance. An organization that pretends to represent education and science on behalf of the UN exhibits corrupt politics lead by states under Islamic dictatorships. “Instead of the Western countries leading the organization to progressiveness, some are dragged into captivity by shameful decisions.”

MK Bezalel Smotrich said: “The UN insists, again and again, to make itself irrelevant. The denial of history is not a new phenomenon, and when it gets to such levels of absurdity, it collapses and does not deserve notice. Which is why I want to refer specifically to the reactions of my friends from the left, who compete between them to find the strongest words to criticize this decision. “Friends, whoever accepts the American critique about building in Bet El, Hebron, Alon Moreh and Shilo understandingly, should not be surprised when UNESCO decides that the Jewish Nation has no connection to Jerusalem.

The source for the Jewish connection and history between the Jewish Nation and Jerusalem is the same source for the connection to the Yehuda and Shomron regions. Whoever denies this connection and turns their back on the source when dealing with the Yehuda and Shomron regions should not expect the world to respect that source when dealing with Jerusalem.

The biblical Shilo, Jerusalem, Bet El and Hebron, where here before UNESCO and will continue after it. Thus, what is important is not what UNESCO say, rather, what will happen to Jerusalem, and this is what bothers me. Whoever suspends the building in Jerusalem and Yehuda and Shomron, showing that he doesn’t mean on staying there forever, invites the denial of history and the Jewish connection to Jerusalem from the UN. I call out to all those who were horrified, and rightly so, by the decision today, to return to the natural connection between our people and all the parts of our land, with building and development throughout it.” ,

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