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Will PA Stop Paying Terrorists? Bill To Condition U.S. Economic Aid To Palestinian Authority

The United States congress will soon be voting on the ‘Taylor force’ act, a bill that calls for U.S. economic aid sent to the Palestinian Authority to be conditioned, and depend on them stopping to pay terrorists and their families
Eli B, ח' אייר תשע"ז 04/05/2017 20:23

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The Unites States Congress is holding hearings and debates over the recently sponsored bill, the ‘Taylor Force’ Act. The congressional bill was sponsored by South Carolina Republican, senator Lindsey Graham, and calls for U.S. aid sent to the Palestinian Authority to be conditioned on the PA stopping to pay terrorists and their families a monthly salary, for acts of terror that they have committed.

The bill is named after 28-year-old Taylor Force, an American who was brutally knifed to death while strolling with friends on the Tel Aviv promenade, in March last year. The terrorist, 22-year-old Basher Alesma-La, also injured 10 others in his stabbing spree, before he was shot and killed by security forces.

Basher’s family is among the thousands of families that receive a monthly stipend from the PA for the cruel terror attack that their relative perpetrated.

The United states gives 300 million dollars in aid to the PA on an annual basis, and 7 percent of their total budget goes to paying terrorist and their families.
Force was a graduate of west point military academy and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is survived by his parents and his sister.

Speaking to ‘FOX NEWS’ Taylor’s parents said their grief was compounded by the fact that the family of their son's murderer is making money off his death, since the Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year paying jihadists and their survivors who were involved in acts of terrorism.

Speaking about the bill, Taylor’s parents remarked, “It’s so important that it passes so that other sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aren’t lost in the same way, no matter what”.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is the leading sponsor of the Senate legislation, asked last week at a news conference: “Can you imagine growing up in a country where your government will pay you for killing someone else through a terrorist act?”

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Dany Dannon says the money has to stop “You actually encourage terrorism when you give money to terrorists”.

The Washington post also reported: “The Palestinian authority is running a bounty system. Payments to terrorists and their families are enshrined in PA law, provided for in the PA budget. And indirectly supported by foreign aid. Incentivizing the murder of civilians is barbarism….. the ‘Taylor Force’ act provides that economic aid…must be conditioned on the secretary of state certifying that the Palestinian Authority is working to prevent attacks like the one that killed Force”.

By Eli B.

FOX NEWS contributed to this story

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