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American Brazenness At The Kosel: “This Is Occupied Territory”

While touring the Kosel in preparation for Trumps upcoming visit to Israel, American officials told their Israeli counterparts to, “Leave this place, this is not your territory, the Kosel is occupied territory”
Yackov Farber, כ' אייר תשע"ז 16/05/2017 18:02

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According to ‘Arutz 2’, American officials touring Yerushalayim yesterday in preparation for president Trump’s upcoming visit to the city, told their Israeli counterparts to part from them when they got to the Kosel. The Israeli officials escorting the Americans were told to, “leave this place, this is not your territory, the Kosel is occupied territory”.
According to the report, the comments were made by David Brass and Jonathan Shrier, who are both employed at the American consulate.
The incident stared when the accompanying Israeli officials requested permission to photograph president Trump during his visit to the Kosel, and to have Prime minister Netanyahu join him there as well.

In response, the American officials raised their voices and erupted in derogatory rhetoric saying, “What for, what’s it your business? this is not your territory, it’s part of the west bank, were asking you to leave, we want to be here by ourselves”. The officials added insult to injury and added, “we can’t be here with Israeli officials because this is not your territory, and this is a private visit by the president, this has nothing to do with you”.

After the unpleasant exchange of words, the American officials parted from their Israeli counterparts and headed on their own to the Kosel, and then lehavdil, to the church of the grave.

Israeli officials have turned to the white house for an explanation of the incident, prompting white house spokesman Sean Spicer to issue an official response: “These officials don’t represent us, their words don’t represent the position of the United States, and definitely not president Trump’s position”.

At the same time, the new acting U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman arrived in Israel and headed straight to the Kosel from the airport, where he davened for the amud.

Speaking there to the media he said, “We wanted to come to the holiest place in the world for Jews, the Kosel, straight from airport.

I recited the Bracha that one says when he reaches a milestone in his life, Shehecheyanu Vekimanu…May Hashem bless America and Israel, and the strong unbreakable bond between them”.

Translated by Eli B.

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