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Wife Of Truck Driver Killed In Overpass collapse Speaks: “I heard A loud Screech, I Knew Something Happened”

Two days after the tragic accident on highway 4, in which a truck driver passed away- his wife spoke to ‘Arutz 2’, sharing that she was just a few meters in front of him and herd the accident
Itzik Mon, כ"ה אב תשע"ז 17/08/2017 21:13

מוטי קרליץ פלאש 90 מוטי קרליץ פלאש 90

Chedvah, the wife of Elichi Tedri z”l, the truck driver who was tragically killed when the Ramat Elchanan overpass in Bnei Brak collapsed on his truck, spoke to ‘Arutz 2’, sharing her story.

“On Monday evening I was driving on Highway 4, a mere few meters behind me an accident happened. Right after I passed the bridge, a few seconds later I heard a loud screeching sound, and I understood that something happened involving the bridge”.
Chedvah continued, “I tried calling Eli and he didn’t answer me. I continued calling and didn’t stop. I started shaking and was sure that something terrible happened. Once I saw the crane too many things connected”.

Shapirat, the daughter of Elichi z”l, also spoke to ‘Arutz 2’ sharing her difficult experiences since the accident: Just one month ago Aba walked me down the chupah. Since the tragedy happened I can’t stop watching the wedding video- and try to digest. He waited so much for my wedding, waited so much that I should get married and bring him grandkids. He just wanted that I should have it good, that I should have a good husband.”

The family’s lawyer Asaf Zohar shared with ‘Arutz 2’ what he claims to be a case of disinformation: “The ‘Netiv Yisroel’ Company has spread disinformation about the speed of the truck, which to the best of my understating and the understanding of a safety professional who visited the site with me- was 50-60 KMPH, and not what the company claims it to have been”.

‘Netiv Yisroel’ strongly denies Zohar’s claim, and claims that the bridge was designed to serve as a pedestrian walkway, and was not built to resist an impact of 60 ton at 100 KMPH.

The family claims that they will continue fighting this claim until their claim is recognized as the truth.

Translated by Eli B.

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