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Shabbos Afternoon Stabbing Terror Attack- Terrorist Eliminated

17-year old Arab from Tul-Karem attempted to stab soldiers Shabbos afternoon at the Tapuach Junction, terrorist was shot dead and one soldier was injured from friendly fire
By Eli Shleyzinger, כ"ח אב תשע"ז 20/08/2017 01:16

צעירי עופרה צעירי עופרה

Stabbing terror attack: A 17-year old Arab from Tul-Karem attempted to stab 2 MAGAV fighters on Shabbos afternoon at the Tapuach junction in the Shomron. The Arab terrorist was shot and killed, and one soldier sustained light injuries to his foot as a result of friendly fire.

The incident took place at around 5:30 PM Shabbos afternoon, when 2 MAGAV soldiers noticed a suspicious looking Arab holding a bag, making his way towards their position in the Tapuach junction.

The soldiers called out to the yougster to head over to the security booth where security checks take place. Their call was ignored and the soldiers called out again, urging the Arab over to the security booth. The Arab kept ignoring the calls and continued making his way towards the soldiers.

Once close enough to the soldiers, the Arab retrieved a knife from his bag and proceeded to stab one of the soldiers.

Realizing that their life was in danger, the other soldier immediately opened fire at the terrorist; firing multiple rounds and killing him on the spot.

Although the soldier who was initially attacked struggled with the terrorist and was not stabbed, he was slightly injured in the leg from friendly fire. The injured MAGAV fighter was transported to Beilenson hospital for medical treatment.
The terrorist has been identified as 17-year old Kativa Zaharan from Tul-Karem. Before leaving for the attack he posted a farewell post to his family saying: “My beloved family forgive me, I have achieved what I wanted. I have accepted upon myself ‘shahada’ (martyrdom) in the ways of Allah, and with the determination of the mujahedeen, I left this world”.

The terrorist also explained his motive behind the attack, writing in his post that it was in revenge for the blood of the ‘shahidim’ of Palestine.

B”H the incident ended without any deaths or serious injuries of the MAGAV soldiers.

Translated by Eli B.

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