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Meet Israeli Police New ‘Kachal’ Choppers

Israel police just incorporated 4 new ‘Kachal’ helicopters to its chopper unit to help aid them in the war against crime and terror - Watch:
By Eli Shleyzinger, א' אלול תשע"ז 23/08/2017 00:55

דוברות המשטרה דוברות המשטרה

Israel police tactical unit held an inaugural ceremony Yesterday (Monday) at the ‘Marach’ air base, in honor of 4 new H-125 choppers that will be joining the police force.
The choppers are very advanced and are equipped with the most updated technological systems to help give Israel police better capabilities in providing security.

The ceremony was held with the participation of minister of interior Gilad Erdan, and chief of police Roni Alshich. Other prominent figures were also present, including the president of ‘ELBIT’, and the CEO of ‘AIRBUS’ who were involved in the project of acquiring the 4 highly advanced ‘Kachal’ choppers.

The purchase also includes an additional 2, dual-motor choppers, which are expected to be added to the fleet in the near future.
A significant added value of the new choppers is in the field of firefighting and rescue. The choppers enable the expansion of the current carrying capabilities; in terms of larger carrying and fuel capabilities.
These capabilities will provide an optimal response to all matters related to the field of flight and rescue operations, as well as fire extinguishing.

At the culmination of the ceremony, a pair of choppers- one new and one old one, flew together above the congregants of the ceremony. The new chopper landed nearby, thus officially joining the unit, while the older model continued on its way to a final landing spot- outside the police chopper unit.
Why have they been called ‘Kachal’?
The name dubbed for the new single engine choppers is ‘Kachal’. ‘Kachal’ is the name of a popular Israeli bird which enjoys a light flight, and has arithmetic and strong wings.

Its dominant color is blue, (Hence its name) which also characterizes the symbols of the police and state flags… and now the helicopters of the police.
As well, the blue shade aides it in disguising itself in the backdrop of a blue sky, and at times cannot clearly be seen from the ground.
The new choppers come as part of a larger project to update and modernize the tactical equipment used by Israel police.

Translated by Eli. B

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