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Murder Of Solomon Family Indicted

An indictment was filed today against the Arab terrorist who murdered three members of the Solomon family last month
Eli Shleyzinger, ב' אלול תשע"ז 24/08/2017 20:55

אילוסטרציה. צילום: יונתן זינדל/פלאש90 יונתן זינדל/פלאש90

The hideous terrorist, Omer El Abad, was charged with the murder of Yosef, Chaya, and Elad Solomon Hy”d, in their home in Chalamish last month.
In addition, he was also charged with attempted murder of Tovah, Michal, and her 5 children.

The military prosecutor handed the indictment to the ‘Yehuda’ military court today (Thursday), against Omer El Abad who carried out the terror attack in the town of Chalamish last month.

As well, the terrorist is also being charged with “conspiring with another person to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians” in the months preceding the attacks, he also being charged with various other charges.

During the attack, Michal, the wife of Elad Hy”d, managed to get all of their five children upstairs into a bedroom, then held the door shut to prevent the terrorist from getting to them.

With the indictment filed, the military prosecution requested from the court that El Abad’s detention be extended until the end of the proceedings against him.

The Solomon family is being regularly updated by the military prosecution throughout the ongoing proceedings.

Although, initially there was talk among politicians to hand the terrorist a death sentence, as of now it does not seem likely that the military prosecution will follow through with it.

The terrorist is expected to get many life sentences, to ensure that he does not go free in an event of a future prisoner swap, or in the event that his sentence is reduced as a result of good behavior.

Translated by Eli B.

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