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Precedent: Chalamish Terrorist’s Family Members Indicted

5 family members of the Chalamish terrorist, who murdered 3 members from the Solomon family Hy”d, were indicted for “failing to prevent a crime”
Eli Shleyzinger, ו' אלול תשע"ז 28/08/2017 12:58

פלאש 90 פלאש 90

Silence and its consequences: The ‘Yehuda’ Military court indicted 5 relatives of Omer El Abad, the terrorist who carried out the gruesome terror attack in Chalaimsh last month, murdering 3 members from the Solomon family Hy”d.

The court indicted the five today (Sunday), with the charge that they were aware of the terrorist’s intention to carry out a terror attack and failed to alert authorities of the impending disaster.

According to Israeli law, it’s a crime to “fail to prevent a crime”, if it’s in one’s power to do so.

Two of El Abad’s brothers and one of his uncles were handed down a sentence of 8 months in prison. His father received 2 months behind bars, and his mother who was charged for things she said after the attack, was given one month behind bars and a monetary fine.

The rest of the family received sentences pending on their future behavior.

The indictment of family members in such circumstances is a precedent and is a significant step on the fight against terror.

The sentences handed down to the family members varied based on how much the individual was involved, and for how long they knew about the terrorist’s intention to carry out the attack and failed to report it.

Translated by Eli B.

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