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Reformers Demand Traditional Kotel Plaza

Reform movement is changing its original demands for the ‘Ezrat Israel’ section of the Kosel, and is now demanding a section in the traditional plaza as well as representation in the ‘Kotel Heritage foundation’
Yackov Grodkah, ו' אלול תשע"ז 28/08/2017 17:03

Ahead of the upcoming hearing the high court will be holding over the Kosel and the prevalent status-quo there, the reform movement sent the high court a petition stating that it’s pulling out of the original agreement to receive the ‘Ezrat Israel’ section of the Kosel, and is instead demanding a section in the traditional Kosel plaza.

The letter comes after the Chief rabbinate sent a letter to the high court stating their position on the matter, and urging the high court not to tamper with the decades old status-quoe at the Kosel.

“Bechadrei Chareidim” Previously exposed (Hebrew site) that the PM office is in the midst of negotiating an agreement which would facilitate the transfer of 2,052,858 NIS for maintaining the ‘so called’ Reform Kosel, located near Robinsons arch.

According to ‘Yisreol Hayom’, the reformers and their affiliates are now demanding a section in the traditional Kosel plaza area, as well as representation at the ‘Kotel heritage foundation’.

The reformers opened the petition saying: “The petitioners' agreement to the outline adopted in Resolution 1075 was a painful compromise, which caused a sharp dispute among their constituents, but the petitioners were willing to accept this compromise based on a combination of all its components”.

They claim that “The Petitioners' agreed to waive the construction of an egalitarian pluralistic prayer plaza within the existing Western Wall site was conditioned on the southern plaza being defined as part of the Western Wall compound, connected to its upper public plaza by means of the access roads to it, and not hidden from the eyes of those coming to the Wall in the upper plaza…”

In light of this, the petitioners are mow demanding to undo the agreement: “In light of the government's decision to delay the plan, it is necessary to return to the basic principles according to which the respondents are obligated to act in an egalitarian way, which respects the right of the petitioners to pray as they do, on the most sacred site of the Jewish people - the Western Wall. It should be mentioned that according to the ‘Regulations of Holy Sites, the Western Wall is defined as including only the northern plaza, and does not include the Robinson Arch area”.

Despite not being interested in genuine Judaism, let alone anything to do with Erets Yisroel, which the movement tore out of their Siddurim in the past, the reform orginazation and its affiliates continue instigating and harassing Jewish people who come to daven at the Kosel.

Translated by Eli B.

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