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Golden Statue Of Chief Justice Miriam Neor Placed In Front Of High Court

Security guards outside the high court were surprised this morning when they discovered a golden statue depicting Chief justice Miriam Neor
Eli Shleyzinger, ט' אלול תשע"ז 31/08/2017 21:34

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A golden statue depicting chief justice Miriam Neor was found outside the high court building this morning (Thursday). At first it wasn’t clear if it was intended as a ‘prank’ to symbolize the high court’s dictatorship, or as a symbol of honor and admiration.

Police detained a nearby photographer who was photo’ing the statue, but released him a short time later.

Not long after the statue was discovered the ‘Derech Chaim’ movement together with the ‘Hae’ir Ha’ivri’ foundation took reasonability for placing the statue in front of the high court building.

Although the high court has been abusing its power for years, rendering decisions on matters that don’t call for its involvement, residents of south Tel Aviv are infuriated after the court ruled that illegals cannot be forcefully deported.

The ruling undermines a law passed in the Knesset meant to clear cities and neighborhoods from Illegal immigrants that have brought a tremendous amount of crime with them, and are destroying the lives of local residents.

The ‘Derech Chaim’ movement put out a statement this morning saying: “The high court and chief justice Neor are disconnected form the nation.

Although the state of Israel is officially a democracy, in reality the reigns are in the hands of the high court, despite the fact that the nation was never consulted on the matter. The high court has accepted upon itself powers that don’t belong to it… The high court keeps intervening in the decisions of the elected officials. This week it was about the illegals, next time it’s going to be about the regulation law and other laws”.

The movement also explained why they specifically chose to bring awareness to the acute problem by placing a statue outside the high court.

“Just like in every dictatorship we thought that in Israel as well, it’s befitting for there to be a satue of the ruler on the street.

The time has come for the elected officials to wake up. We call upon the PM, ministers and MK’s, who condemned the nullification of a law this week, instead of spreading promises, and local solutions for problems arising from the high court’s rule- to strive once and for all for a root canal that will regulate the relations between the high court and the Knesset”.

In the past few months, the movements judicial department has been advancing the ‘governance Law’, which was introduced to the Knesset with the signatures of 16 MK’s.

The bill “is intended to unequivocally clarify” that the high court does not possess the authority to nullify a law. Rather, “the role of the court is limited to the interpretation and application of the laws on concrete disputes brought before it”.

After standing tall for 2 hours, the statue was removed by city officials.

Translated by Eli B.

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