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"OR LE SHABBAT" - Kosher Home Appliances for Shabbat and Holidays.

"OR LE SHABBAT" is the sole distributor of an innovative Shabbat lamp, that has a sliding shutter for kosher light control.
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יחץ יחץ

"OR LE SHABBAT" is a brand that specializes in manufacturing kosher home appliances, which are used during Shabbat and holidays. "OR LE SHABBAT" has dedicated its work to finding solutions to Halachic issues for the Jewish religious community. This is achieved through the production of home appliances that can be used without fear of breaking the holy days, and without the need for 'Tevilah'.
That brand was founded by "SAHARA ELECTRONICS LTD", a family company led by three generations, which has been exporting various goods from China for the past 35 years.

Kashrut and Safety Requirements

The products of "OR LE SHABBAT" go through a strict Halachic and scientific examination. The Institute of Science and Halacha, led by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin Shalita, give all of the certificates approving the usage of the brand’s products according to Jewish Halacha.
The Institute of Science and Halacha transmits the guidelines that should be followed when manufacturing and using the brand’s products to the companies’ representatives and the companies’ kosher supervisors that work with the relevant factories. They continuously and consistently ensure that the production complies with the strictest Halachic guidelines and requirements.
All of the "OR LE SHABBAT" home appliances meet the safety requirements of an international standard mark and provide a full warranty in service and quality.

Our Signature Product – The Shabbat Lamp

After more than two years of research and development, the signature product of "OR LE SHABBAT" was born- the Shabbat lamp. The Shabbat lamp is a table lamp with a sliding shutter mechanism, which allows its user to control the intensity of the light.

Thus, the user is required to turn on the lamp before candle lightning after which the intensity of the light can be controlled, from full illumination to total darkness, depending on the slide of the shutter. The lamp must be stabilized by means of the vacuum pads at its base to a stable surface, in order to prevent any movement (Tiltul).
The "OR LE SHABBAT" lamp is safe and can be used in all rooms of the house: the bedroom, children's rooms, the kitchen and more. The lamp is flexible, foldable and portable, so the user can carry it with them.

In addition to that, the lamp has a unique manufacturing capability that enables worldwide use and economic power consumption. The lamp comes in several colors and can even be hung on the wall.

"OR LE SHABBAT" Product Line

Nowadays, the brand’s product line seeks to facilitate the religious Jewish community by providing them with all the tools needed to keep Shabbat and holidays in the modern world.

To this end the product line also includes; kettles that retain heat, water urns in various sizes including air-pots, Shabbat plates with an exclusive patent for economic power consumption, an innovative Shabbat oven with a built-in Sabbath plate, etc.

To join the "OR LE SHABBAT" family, and to learn where you can purchase the brand's signature product, the Shabbat lamp, please use the "Contact Us" tab, at the brand site.

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