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Porush: outrageous decision. Advancement to Sodom

Uproar over the court's decision to allow euthanasia for ALS patient by reducing ventilator • MK Meir Porush to behadrey haredim "scandalous and outrageous decision. Comes to crossing the border and the loss of the sanctity of life, which is the supreme value for the Jewish people throughout the ages. It is a country that is moving towards Sodom • MK Yaakov Litzman: "an unfortunate decision that borders on murder"



נתי גרוסמן לאחר הפציעה. צילום: המחתרת

Accused of assaulting Grossman will be allowed to go out for prayer

The court decided to ease conditions of the house arrest of the accused of assaulting Hapeles editor, Nati Grossman • will be allowed to participate in prayers in a minyan by accompany of one of his relatives • additional alleviations are being consideration

Six years and 4 million shekels • Sefer Torah of Seret Vizhnitz

After six years of fundraising for the Sefer Torah, dedicated for the Seret Vizhnitz Hasidic institutions – the Sefer Torah will be placed in the Beit Midrash of the Chassidut • and how were the names of donors commemorated


Grodno Yeshiva recycled the cans into ... N"ch sefarim

In a festive occasion the Neviim and Ketuvim sefarim were placed in the Grodno Yeshiva • money for books was donated by the boys for a decade, and partly recruited from cans and bottles sent to recycling

תא מעצר. צילום: פלאש90

Real story: tired during the theft and went to sleep

Thieves work hard: A thief was found in Beer Sheva last weekend who whilst stealing decided to retire for a short nap in the master bedroom of the house • the police woke him up and sent him to bed in his cell

אדלשטיין גניחובסקי

Rosh Yeshiva to high school students: "Torah scholars carry the burden"

Yeshiva high school students in Petah Tikva spent Shabbos in Bnei Brak and visited the tishim • Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovicz, Hgry"g Edelstein, explained why the Torah scholars carry the burden

קבר רחל בשנה שעברה. צילום: מנחם הלוי

At night attended Tu Bishvat Tisch; didn't get up in morning

R' Binyamin Zvi Yozevich z"l, a shop owner of religious articles and silverware in Mea Shearim, managed to participate in Friday night's Tu Bishvat Tisch at the Rebbe of Toldos Aharon • In the morning he did not get up from his sleep

Rabbi Amnon was despondent after losing

"You promised us bread for one shekel!" Crowds shouted outside the offices of Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, following the stinging failure • one activist on the gloomy atmosphere: "Everyone was shocked, terrible crisis. Some cried"

פותחת בחירות

How did they vote? All images from Election Day

Netanyahu came to vote with his wife and sons, Yair and Avner (wearing a yarmulke) • Bennett voted near his home (and activists danced) • Deri on Hakablan Street (and estimated Shas is losing two seats) • Watch

אביגדור ליברמן במסיבת עיתונאים בכנסת. צילום: פלאש90

Lieberman is optimistic: "We are getting close to 40 seats"

Criticized the 'asterisk conversion' of Shas: "This is an attempt to tarnish the immigrants' • clarified that "only those who accept the principle of equality of burden will be our political partner"

מעצר. צילום פלאש 90

Elad resident suspected of stealing NIS 400,000 from the bank where he worked

The suspect, responsible for the safe at the bank issued false receipts for deposits made • taken for a polygraph test, and found to be lying • returned to the bank 350,000 shekels • detention extended by a day

אילוסטרציה. צילום: קובי הר צבי

Mt. Cisco: house burned and family left homeless

Jews of New York enlist to help • Haredi family's home in the town of Mount Cisco caught fire and was completely damaged • The family were left homeless and fundraising was started for them

דגל התורה ג אור יהודה

"There is danger! Oy Vey!" • The full transcription of R' Aharon Leib's speech

"If some people think what do I care, what is it to me, he does not know if there's a fire at home, one would say what do I care if this and that burns" • R' Aharon Leib's full speech at the election conference

מטוס. צילום אילוסטרציה

Plane crashed in Russia • Shabbos events

Bus hit a deer near Beit Shemesh, and he was taken to wildlife hospital • The Senate approved the aid of 60.4 billion to 'Sandy 'victims • Four were killed in a plane crash in Russia

שריפה, לכוד, פצוע

Branch Manager choked in a mall in Herzliya

Fire broke out at the spa on the ground floor of the Arena Mall in Herzliya • Bank Hapoalim employees were inside • Bank Hapoalim Bank Branch Manager strangled to death • two women were taken away in critical condition to Ichilov Hospital

אילוסטרציה: פלאש 90

Hgr"ch blessed - and the court stated: the children will remain in Israel

A Jewish mother struggled against her gentile spouse over custody of their children • She fled to Israel and the father went to court • Hgr"ch ruled: "Make an effort to keep them in Israel" • what did the court decide?

Terrorists planned: the kidnapping of an Israeli for bargaining

GSS revealed a dangerous network of terrorists in Ramallah • terrorists - members of the Popular Front, planned to kidnap an Israeli soldier or civilian, for the release of jailed leader, Ahmed Saadat

צאנז במירון

Miron: Rebbe requested: "Everybody leave" - and wept

Sanz Rebbe came with his chassidim to the Rashb"i in Miron – in honor of the upsherin of his grandson, son of his son Rabbi Yosef • The Rebbe asked the public to go out, and wept alone in front of the tomb

Trend in Vizhnitz? After the robe – raffle on the gartel

New in Vizhnitz: lotteries on Hasidic objects. Following the draw on the 'Golden Robe' which belonged to the Yeshuot Moshe zt"l this evening a raffle will be held on the 'white gartel'